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Air Terjun Beku yang Sangat Cantik di Seluruh Dunia

Written By zabidi morad on Tuesday, 6 May 2014 | 9:08 am

Pada musim sejuk kesejukkannya mampu menukarkan air terjun yang menagalir deras menjadi ais yang sangat cantik. Fenomena ini mungkin tidak dapat dilihat di Malaysia tetapi bagi negara yang mempunyai 4 musim perkara ini mungkin tidak asing lagi bagi mereka.

 Post kali ini kami nak kongsikan kepada anda koleksi gambar air terjun yang beku semasa musim sejuk yang sangat cantik dari seluruh dunia. Semoga anda terhibur.
While waterfalls are typically known for their powerful rushes of water, during the cold winter months, some transform into magical ice attractions. In Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnehaha Falls is a 53 feet high waterfall that often freezes, creating a stunning wall of blue ice. You can actually walk behind the frozen waterfall into a "cave." As photographer Trevor Nelson states, "The warm colors of the sunlight and the stone complement the cool mossy greens of the walls and the aqua blues from the ice. Gets me every time."

While most of the frozen waterfalls around the world are incredible enough to just visit, many of them are also popular destinations for daredevils that want to try their hand at ice climbing. The Daily Mail wrote a recent article about this extreme sport and the daring climbers that risk their lives for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Using just ice-axes and crampons (a traction device), they scale these enormous frozen columns or walls of ice, bravely pushing the limits of what is humanly possible.
Above: Photo by Boone Speed/Barcroft USA
Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Photo by Madeleine.

Photo by Dan Anderson.
Taihang Mountains, North China's Hebei Province

Photo source Xinhua.
GoĆ°afoss Waterfall, Iceland

Photo by David Clapp.
Waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Photo by Andreas Resch.
Hells Angel, Cody, Wyoming

Photo by Joel Anderson.
Marmolada, Northeastern Italy

Photo via Jdomb's Travels.
Eidfjord, Norway

Photo by Christian Pondella.
Gorges de Ballandaz, France

Photo via Real Aspen.
Rifle, Colorado

Photo credit: Boone Speed/Bacroft USA

Photo via Factspod
Heimcken Falls, British Columbia, Canada

Photo by Skupinski/Barcroft Media.
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